Bottle Cage - Lime/White

Bottle Cage - Lime/White

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Lightweight alloy, the Speedkit side entry bottle cage holds up to a 750ml bottle securely over even rough terrain.

Mounts with standard two-bolt, 64mm spacing.
Side entry bottle cage, LEFT ENTRY.
Variable height adjustment for a wide range of bottle capacity.
Sandblasted anodized matt black with BORNTOBEFAST logo.
Aluminium cage body.
Lightweight design.
Rounded edges to prevent cuts.
Weight  43g approx.
Aluminium two piece Cage body design
Anodized Black

Are the bolts included or should I buy them separately? 
Bolts for mounting this bottle cage to your bike is included in the package.

Will this bottle cage hold a 500ml water bottle?
This cage is suitable for all common 500ml and 750ml cycling water bottles.